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Group therapy can be a powerful venue for growth and change. Not only do people receive tremendous understanding, support, and encouragement from others facing similar issues, but they also gain different perspectives, ideas, and viewpoints on those issues. Most people, though somewhat apprehensive at first, report that the group experience was helpful far beyond their expectations. 

At our practice we take a short-term educational approach to group therapy. We provide Workshops which are brief intensive series of meetings emphasizing education, interaction and exchange of information among a usually small number of participants.

At this time there are no couples Workshops sessions scheduled. Please check back in the future for upcoming Workshops, including a Couples’ Communication Workshop, a Marriage and Money Workshop, a Women Experiencing Stress Workshop and a Grief and Loss Workshop.

If you are interested in participating in one of the above Workshops, please call or e-mail us with your name and contact information, so that we can notify you when the next Workshop is scheduled.

Group Therapy / Workshops

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